The Bakery Just Around The Corner...

i'm in the mood for such a yummy treat. i walk around downtown to find that one place. the place where everyone goes. were everyone meets but i'm just not intrigued. so instead i just walk home to come to find this little bakery... just around the corner...

Someone is really into the movie lol #DominickRylan
So today turned out to be better than expected but tomorrow shall be even better once I have my baby in my arms💙 goodnight everyone

Definitely had a fun night with good friends and old friends :)

Cooking will always be my passion #Instafood #Pasta #FoodPorn
Pasta for Dinner Tonight! :)
I miss that little smile and your laugh so much my love. #DominickRylan
Yes!!! #PizzaLover
Cowboys tonight it is😊
Happy Tuesday Everyone 😘💋❤

Its crazy to see how much this little brat has grown and embraced something he loves :) im proud of him…..most of the time lol @osamabin_luscious